About us

The Barnes Community Shop is an exciting collaboration between e-transport solution business Ginger and the Barnes Community Association. We are working together to support local residents during the Covid-19 crisis. 

The Barnes Community Shop will enable you to order your groceries online and to have them delivered to your door on an eco-friendly bike.  We are working in partnership with three local businesses, Barnes Fruit and Veg in the High Street, Londis on Church Road and ilocal on White Hart Lane. If our project is successful, we will expand it to include more Barnes businesses.

We are launching our service with a limited number of delivery slots every day and will try to expand these over time.  We are also limiting the order size so we can do as many deliveries as possible.  

Just like Ocado and other online delivery services, we are asking customers to leave the slots for residents who are in isolation or find it difficult to get out.   If you can get out to buy your groceries, please continue to support our local shops (keeping your distance from others, of course).

In this first phase of the project you will find a limited range of products for each store.  We will increase these ranges once our systems are working well.  We also haven’t been able to upload images of all of the products but they will come soon so bear with us.


How to use BarnesCommunityShop:

All you need to do is to click on the shop you want to buy from, choose your products and put them in your basket.  You can also search products in the tabs.  You can buy from as many businesses as you wish in the same transaction, but we are restricting basket size to £50 and the quantity of product you can buy to two at the moment. 

At checkout you can choose a delivery day. We will deliver Monday - Friday between 12pm and 3pm during this period of quarantine. 

If you order before 12pm, we can deliver your order the next day.  We will add a delivery charge of £3.50 at checkout. You will receive an email and a text confirming your order and your delivery date and time and we will deliver your products to your door. 

Please be patient with us as we launch our new delivery service.  We have moved at a faster pace than we intended and it is a challenging time to launch when stocks are low and shops are closing - we have already lost the Barnes Fish Shop but hope that Michael and the team will be back soon.  We will expand our product range over the next few weeks.  We hope to be able to fulfil all orders, but if items are missing we will reimburse you straight away. 

We are respecting full safety and hygiene advice during this crisis.

Thank you for using Barnes Community Shop.